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About: I help food bloggers be awesome by taking a deep-dive into the hows and whys of communicating and connecting with their followers. I especially focus on the concepts around user experience design and how to make blog user-friendly. I have a background in web design, digital content, marketing and management.

Notes from Episode #000: ZXXZ

-Food bloggers are people who loved food but didn't always know or love the techy side of things.

- I decided to start focusing my niche on working with food bloggers, especially around the idea of UX - user experience design.

- SEO is a deep black hole, but all Google is doing is trying to deliver great content to your reader, so if you provide great user-focused content from the beginning, you have an easier way of riding any algorithm changes from Google.

- You need to write & create for the reader not for SEO, and not for yourself. Yes, what you post needs to have your voice, but it also needs to be easy-to-read for your blog's visitor.

- We can talk over some practical tips like using colors with good contrast, but not too much, white space, focused calls-to-actions and so on.

- I can mention some tools like HotJar for user feedback, and some of the tools deeper in Google Analytics like the cohort analysis.

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