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About Bernie: Hi - I'm Bernie and I've been blogging at A Gouda Life for 4 1/2 years. I attended my first conference as a baby blogger (6 months) and didn't realize the importance of networking at that time. I thought since I worked alone at home, I should KNOW and DO everything myself. These other bloggers had their own blogs to worry about, right? WRONG. So I showed up for the conference but didn't get everything out of it I should have (my fault).

Notes from Episode #021: Gain Momentum by Making Connections

  • FUN FACT: Bernie had a golden retriever named Patty that became a therapy dog. She brought her weekly to the library and had a program called “Tales with Tails” where she’d read to kids and Patty became so good for the kids that came.

  • Bernie is an introvert and thought she could be a one man band as a blogger but you have a wealth of knowledge out there from other bloggers that you have access to if you reach out.

  • Networking - it's interacting with others, exchanging information and developing professional or social contacts.

  • Family and 'regular', non-blogging friends are sick of hearing about SEO, analytics and tech woes! Their eyes glossing over says it all! Move on. :)

  • Your colleagues (blogger friends/tribe) could swap stories all day on these topics and more! So be each other's resources. Share and be each other’s shoulder in a frustrating moment.

  • Attend conferences. They're a great way to meet other bloggers, network with your favorite brands and see the faces behind the blogs you've been commenting on and sharing their work. Because it’s important that you’re doing that!

  • Conferences help connect you with others who love, eat, breathe, sleep topics that are food blogging related and who will teach you what you need to know.

  • Ways to make attending a conference more affordable:

    • You can share a room with another blogger. 

    • You can also become a volunteer at an event to get a more affordable rate for the conference. 

    • Early bird pricing can save you money.

  • Support other bloggers. Be sincere and add comments to other bloggers’ blog posts. Be sure to share their posts on your social media. Make their recipes and let them (and your audience) know when you do (of course giving them FULL credit!!)

  • Reach out to other bloggers when you find out they having a problem. When Melissa (Mamagourmand) found out my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, she stepped up in a big way, reaching out on the Media Vine facebook page asking for other bloggers to share my posts. They did! She also sent a beautiful card complete with a few relaxing face masks! That really meant something.

  • Once you’ve connected with other bloggers (via conferences or online) be available to help and/or offer moral support: they could be struggling with naming a recipe, having a tech issue, or need someone to acknowledge how hard they work. These people are your tribe!

  • Stay in touch with those you’ve made a connection with. I don't mean with every single blogger you know. However make it a priority to reach out to another blogger who has become a close friend. Maybe you can meet up in person for a conference! You can make real life connections, offer experiences, share tips on getting content out there, discuss a better way to do something, etc.

  • We are not alone. Take the first step and make a personal connection with someone. Make yourself accessible to your tribe. Respond to people who’ve reached out (and don’t wait 6 days!)

  • Don’t undervalue yourself. You have skills and we all have something to offer. Look out for a possible mentor too in the field.

  • Words of inspiration Bernie shares: Mark Twain quote paraphrased: “20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do then the things you did.” Get out there, reach out. This is your life, it’s not a dress rehearsal. 

  • One thing I've learned about bloggers is how giving they are of their time, information and resources. When I'm having a bad day I remind myself that I'm so grateful to be part of this tribe. I’d like to welcome you to the tribe!