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About Amanda: Lemon Baby is a three-year-old food blog concentrating on Gulf Coast recipes, local restaurant reviews, cocktails recipes and more

Notes from Episode #033: Avoiding the Vortex of Comparison

  • SEO, SEO, SEO. I spent a lot of time in the beginning of my journey wondering if anyone was reading. They weren’t, at first. I wasn’t using keywords to my advantage (I didn’t even know what a SEO keyword was, actually). Now, many of my recipes rank first on Google searches.

    - Traffic shouldn’t be one’s first goal, though. Good content is first and foremost, and for bloggers that includes photography. I cringe at some of my earliest food photos, shot with my old, (t)rusty iPhone 6S. I am still learning with every click of the shutter, but after upgrading to a DSLR, I feel I can finally halfway hold my own.

    - Don't fall into what I call the “vortex of comparison.” Countless studies show that social media has a tendency to make us feel simultaneously more connected to one another (hello, Instagram friends you’ve never met in real life) and less confident in our own abilities. When you see the (carefully curated) glimpse into someone else’s life, it’s hard not to wonder why your living room isn’t as perfectly styled or why your clothes aren’t haute couture. The reality is that real life is messy, and social media allows us to harness that chaos and project our ideal self, even if it’s just for a second. Find your voice. Spend the time and energy you would devote to comparing yourself to others on crafting something uniquely yours. I’m often told Lemon Baby is compelling to people because of the stories I tell and the way only I can tell them.

    - As a teacher of writing, I find “voice” to be a bloggers most unique feature, and I encourage aspiring bloggers to work on create something uniquely theirs rather than emulating a popular style.

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