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About Abbey: Abbey is a food blogger, certified holistic nutritionist, and herbalist. She shares gluten-free recipes and wellness tips for the family on her blog, The Butter Half. She is also the founder and CEO of Tastemaker Conference, a food blogger conference and community for content creators and influencers, who want to learn how to grow their blogs and businesses.

Notes from Episode #001: Building community within the food blogging industry for optimal success (and the importance of self-care and wellness)

  • Being an entrepreneur is isolating.

  • Learn to use what is called the 5 Pillars of Health framework.

  • Bloggers wear so many hats so having the mindset of the 5 pillars is important

  • “Collaboration over competition, is the best way for everyone to succeed” because we need each other to enhance our businesses but also our over all quality of life. Our purpose is to empower people to have connection with their families, but we need to make sure we do the same in our own lives first.  

  • “As food bloggers, we need to lift each other up.”

  • Learn how Connection is one of those 5 Pillars; it is imperative that you network and collaborate for your emotional well-being, as well as professionally.

  • Learn the stages of moving from independence to interdependence, which is an endlessly fascinating topic, and falls in line.

  • Learn to self-care and know how wellness play a role in success.

  • Recommendations for those who are new to blogging but want to be connected: keep small!

    • Reach out to fellow bloggers – Join an IG pod or an accountability group (bounce ideas off each other, share editorial calendars, etc)

    • Send personal emails to other bloggers you like and enjoy their work. Compliment them, ask questions, etc.

    • SEO – you need others to create backlinks which helps you achieve better rankings

    • “Community is a vital aspect of social media, that’s what it is.” ~Abby Rodriguez in explaining that Facebook and Instagram can and does help you stay connected.

    • “When you look at it from a food blogger perspective, the number one key to success is that community factor, 100% all the way.”

    • Tailwind Tribes – know other food bloggers, building up others content and they will in return help you with yours.

    • Focus on finding similar interests with others in groups, know they are a safe space and let them be your core group of like-minded bloggers

    • You can only do so much on your own – you will plateau with your own skills so community is vital.

    • Step 1 - DISCONNECT -- Get off everything digital, social media off for a certain amount of time, step away and take a real break. You’re consuming media at a massive rate and this stimulus is taking over our minds. 

    • Step 2 - GET OUTSIDE – connect with nature, take a deep breath, be present. It’s free and doesn’t have to be a planned vacation. AND PLEASE, do not feel guilty, build it into your schedule. 

    • Abby’s daily routine – she’s a huge believer in structure! Her days go like this: Breakfast, yoga, work, then family time or time with friends and family, dinner, bedtime routine with family then at night she connects with her online community. She then turns off her phone and meditates before bed and before its too late.  She need 8 hours of sleep!

    • Where to start:

      • Physiological needs need to be looked at first. Are you anxious? Are you eating well to help yourself? Lack of movement or connection? Be curious about what you feel, write out your top 3 priorities, journal your thoughts. Trust your intuition. Acknowledge what you need. 

      • Blue light blocking glasses! Use these when on screens. But try to be off the internet at least 2 hours before going to bed to let your body get ready to sleep well. 

      • Drink water!!

      • There is power in writing things out. Abby believes “the universe is conspiring to help us!” Write things out, whether it’s on a sticky or in a journal and let the universe help you aspire for lofty goals.

    • Abby shares these tidbits – quotes that keep her going in those crazy moments: 

      • Fortune smiles on the bold. 

      • Go after that crazy idea. 

      • Stand in your strength

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